ramsyst – facility management

emsyst 4.0 and ramsyst – two systems that supplement eacht other perfectly and combine to make a unique, unbeatable solution!

Facility and building management

ramsyst stands for “R.I.E.MPP facility and maintenance management”. Whereas emsyst 4.0 manages your entire energy system, ramsyst manages your facilities and buildings. The internal data exchange between the two systems creates vast evaluation potentials which support you effectively so you reach the right decisions and conclusions.

emsyst 4.0 is the only solution that offers you the advantage of purchasing an energy management system plus a facility management system – ramsyst – in one complete package.


Examples of ramsyst functions:

  • Controlling and monitoring of upkeep and maintenance services
  • Administration and progress supervision of regular, statutory tests
  • Budget and cost supervision of the facilities
  • Allocation or transparent representation of accrued costs
  • Statistics on accrued costs, breakdown by customer specifications

„Save money and energy with smart energy and facility management.“

The combination of emsyst 4.0 as your energy management system and ramsyst as your building and facility management system will yield the best possible economic and environmental results.

Here are other ways our facility management system supports you:

  • Fewer repeat disruptions
  • Availability control
  • Minimisation of operating costs
  • Reduced workload for your personnel
  • Management of your spare parts inventory
  • Maintenance

Other functions of ramsyst:

  • Statistics on technical availability of your facilities
  • Overview of all repairs carried out
  • All machines, facilities, servicing deadlines and test dates at a glance
  • Addresses, telephone numbers etc. can be migrated to the software
  • Inventory sheet for accounting
  • Compilation of documentation and statements
  • Programming, customer-specific functions and modules
  • Intuitive, comfortable operation

“Facility management meets energy management – enthusiasm meets success.”