emsyst 4.0 – sustainable and effective energy management

The smart energy-saving solution for existing

Buildings Machinery and plants Production facilities

emsyst 4.0 doesn’t just observe

– it acts!

Energy management is often understood simply as “measuring and monitoring”. However, for emsyst 4.0 that is merely the starting point for true energy management.

“We start where others stop!”

What you get with emsyst 4.0 is active, precise energy management. We examine your goals and work with you to find ways of optimally utilising energy. This involves actively controlling production processes to prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

Sustainability is key, because we not only work for the here and now, but also look to the future!


  • Smart working methods
    The system controls your facility so that you utilise them with minimum energy consumption.
  • Switching and controlling
    Energy consumers are only automatically turned on or off as needed or as specified by you.
  • Eco-friendly
    emsyst 4.0 manages and controls consumption with a preference for decentralised, regenerative energy sources such as solar and wind ahead of conventionally generated energy.
  • Measuring and visualisation
    emsyst 4.0 logs consumption data via various measurement sensors. The data is saved and processed for numerous display and analysis functions.

Analysis with our energy management system

Decision-making capability requires knowledge of all the relevant data.
emsyst 4.0 supports you with a large number of functions, visualisations and evaluations so you draw the right conclusions and reach the right decisions. However, we don’t overwhelm you with thousands of measured values and parameters, but deliver simple, concise key performance indicators according to your specifications.
Clear and simple:


GREEN means Ok

RED means NOK!


Monitoring / visualisation

emsyst 4.0 offers many ways of presenting measured values as well as room, production shop, machine and plant statuses. The state-of-the-art building visualisation feature informs you about room climate, shade and illumination in 3D or 2D representations.



The data is calculated by emsyst 4.0 and displayed in the form of totals, mean values and limit values. This is done periodically and as a warning function, in the form of specific energy performance indicators for energy consumers. The system can issue alarms by SMS, email or text message according to your preference.


Key performance indicators

emsyst 4.0 generates and provides key performance indicators. Included here are:
• Energy requirement of a production part
• Energy requirement of a machine or plant
• Energy consumption to avoid load peaks
Level of plant and production utilisation
• Key performance indicators for regenerative energy sources (solar, wind, hydro)

Types of energy waste you avoid with our energy management system

Lighting and heating

It is not unusual for lighting and heating to remain switched on in rooms which are not being used, and over the weekends or public holidays. Frequently, heat literally goes out of the window, or air conditioning systems run while windows are open. That causes unnecessary consumption which should be avoided.

Often, a lack of communication leads to misunderstandings and rooms not being heated properly in winter or cooled properly in summer. The result is that people briefly turn up the heating or air conditioning system to the max. It would be better for you if the heat just generated didn’t immediately escape through an open window! With our intelligent time and organisation management, we help you avoid this.

Our solutions:

  • Lighting control
    Presence and motion sensors recognise when people are in the room and switch the lights off partly or completely, or dim them to a level you specify.
  • Heating/air conditioning
    When a window is opened or closed or when somebody enters or leaves a building, the heating vents or air conditioning can be adjusted up or down to a preset value.
  • Heating on/off controlled by our time management (based on Outlook)
    You enter dates, times and room numbers in Outlook. Then emsyst 4.0 ensures the specified room temperature and lighting – reliably and automatically.

Compressed air, idle times and load peaks

Excessive idle times during tool changes or breakdowns, compressor pressures set too high, filling of pressure vessels at the wrong times and high load peaks result in unnecessary energy costs. As the machines are not doing any work during idle times, they should use as little energy as possible to prevent waste.

Without compressed air, today’s production processes would be unthinkable. Compressed air is needed everywhere. To move cylinders, switch valves, operate production machines, clean machinery and much more. Its properties make it versatile and above all a valuable source of energy. But what most people don’t know is that

compressed air is one of the most expensive forms of energy!

Our solutions:

  • Load peak management
    Many companies pay high electricity rates because they unnecessarily exceed their contractually agreed maximum limits. Using emsyst 4.0, you can all but eliminate this wastage.
  • Machine idle times
    Long idle times can be avoided by temporarily switching off additional functions which aren’t required for safety or documentation purposes (e.g. lighting, cooling water, material conveyor belts etc.).
  • Compressed air
    Long idle times, excessive discharge pressures, leaks and the filling of pressure tanks at the wrong times are avoided. Bearing in mind that the production of compressed air is very expensive, your electricity costs can be reduced considerably.

 „The cleanest energy is energy that isn’t used.“