Reduce energy costs


Increase operating profit


Protect the environment

Sustainable energy and facility management for industry and administration

These were the objectives that inspired our engineers and technicians when they put the experience of over 35 years in the field into developing emsyst 4.0. Equally important was compliance with all statutory standards and regulations. With our system, we also want to make our contribution to ensuring

„our planet’s limited energy reserves and resources are preserved for coming generations.“


Digital node with intelligent software

emsyst 4.0 is an intuitive, bi-directional energy and facility management system.
Operating as a digital node, emsyst 4.0 links up a diverse array of techniques and technologies from various manufacturers and generations in existing buildings, facilities and machines. It also serves as a link between local authorities, administrations and sales areas for the establishment of smart grids.

emsyst 4.0 features a high level of data security thanks to “bi-modular control technology”

Modularity for practical applications

emsyst 4.0 is a modular system that can be adapted to your individual requirements and wishes. We use optimised installation methods such as wireless sensors, actuators and control elements. This makes installation in existing buildings and facilities very easy.

emsyst 4.0 includes tools which make it easier for you to obtain DIN EN ISO 50001
certification as well as optimising your operations.

Flexible energy and facility management

We live and breathe energy management, and we understand your facility.

Here’s what we mean by energy management:

• Determination of your management goals (energy utilisation)
• Logging energy consumers
• Analysing and visualising the logged data
• Permanent monitoring of energy values
• Automatic switching of energy consumers

The result:

Transparent figures on operations, production, unit costs, rented and usable areas.
Do you want transparent operations and business success?
– Then you need emsyst 4.0.
emsyst 4.0 works sustainably, efficiently, effectively, flexibly, interactively and globally. It provides you with maximum transparency about your company or properties.

Green light for efficiency!

The energy management system with almost unlimited application fields!

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
  • Large companies
  • Local authorities, municipalities and federal state authorities
  • Production and manufacturing industry
  • Workshops and logistics centres
  • Shopping centres, department store chains, car dealerships
  • Hotels, holiday resorts, theme parks, holiday clubs
  • Technological estates, residential estates
  • and more