emsyst 4.0 – the energy and facility management system

equipped for a great future!

Energy management system for existing buildings, facilities and machinery

emsyst 4.0 is ideal for existing buildings, facilities and machinery used by medium-sized enterprises, administrations and local authorities. Integrating emsyst 4.0 does not change your existing infrastructure.

Many companies pay high energy costs because they unnecessarily exceed their contractually agreed maximum electricity consumption. Using the emsyst 4.0 energy and facility management system, you can slash your energy costs.

With emsyst 4.0 you get a system which gives you complete control over your energy management while having only one contact person to deal with!

Problem-free integration!

Here’s what you gain from emsyst 4.0:

  • Optimised energy efficiency
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased operating income
  • Sustained competitive advantage
  • Consistently lower CO2 emissions 
  • Qualification for subsidies

Use our energy management system
and save energy easily!

Wherever consumers are in operation, e.g. in production shops, offices, buildings, companies and local authority facilities, energy wastage (in the form of electricity, oil, gas etc.) is a typical problem. This energy represents a huge drain on company resources on the one hand, but also damages the environment.

For every 1 kWh of electricity generated in Germany, approx. 648 g of carbon dioxide (CO2) is released into the atmosphere.

Here are just some examples of major energy wasters that our energy management system can monitor and control:


Full illumination even though the room or workshop is empty


Heating and air conditioning
Windows are open and the heating or air conditioning is turned up to the max


Compressed air systems
Excessive discharge pressures, leaks and the filling of pressure tanks at the wrong times


Downtimes or standstill times that are too long cause unnecessary energy consumption


Fluctuating electricity prices
Ineffective utilisation of favourable prices increases energy costs


Load peaks
Load peaks cause unnecessarily high energy costs

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